Portrayal of Coaching


Above is a link to a website that features an article about what it means to be a coach. The article suggests that there is much more to being called “coach” than simply blowing a whistle or substituting youngsters in and out of a game. The website itself and author of the article, John O’Sullivan, portray coaching as a positive responsibility with countless positive return.

When taking a look at the layout of the website, one will notice a man at the top of the page with his arm around a boy, suggesting a positive relationship between a coach and a player. Throughout the article are images of smiling coaches and players, suggesting that coaching involves building positive relationships with the youth and being an appropriate role model.

Main points of the article:

  • It is important to enjoy coaching
  • Coaching is an influential position that allows instilling of morals in youth
  • Ensure physical and emotional well-being of youth sport players

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